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  • Funding support from Drake University Research Grant, 2008-09
  • Jerel Krueger
  • Brett Lindman
  • Bart Schmidt
  • Scott Phillips
  • Joyce Sharp
  • Charlene Skidmore
  • David Wright

Website design and video production by Stefan Hansen

Voiceovers by John Sharkey and Elizabeth Ward

Text by Kjersti Campbell, Rachel Crown, Meredith Gallivan, Eric Gudmundson, Ashley Machacek, Sora Moon, Michaela Mullin, Emily Nitcher, Rebecca Rieck, Anthony Roark, Yvette Sutton, and Nicole Werner (students in ART 112: Curatorship Seminar)

Project designed and overseen by Maura Lyons, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design

Images courtesy of Stefan Hansen and Special Collections, Cowles Library, Drake University